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The Spirit of Enterprise, a 10X Impact Maker program, it is free of charge and accessible to everyone. We provide you with the opportunity to test your ideas, find a team or a co-founder.

Are you looking to work with like-minded individuals seeking to make a significant impact in the world but lack the know-how or team to do so?

We foster environments where people learn to be brave and dare greatly. We challenge people to speak their mind, think differently and question each other’s viewpoints.

Throughout the course of the program, you will be supported by leading entrepreneurs and business experts to develop the skills, knowledge and strengths needed to be part of a successful founding team.

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The Spirit of Enterprise Program

Personal and Team Development

In this track we simulate real-world environments where you will learn to iterate ideas fast and well, under pressure. We will identify what core strengths, traits and skills you bring to the table or have to develop more of, in order to become part of a successful founding team. We will challenge you to be brave, to speak your mind, think outside the box, question others’ viewpoints, process feedback, and grow.

Paradigm Shifts and Trends

Innovation is driven both by changing market demands and outstanding people who bring great ideas to scale, supported by novel technology, organizational processes and regulation. Next to building an elite founding team, timing and momentum are two of the most important factors in creating a successful business. In this track, you will learn about current environmental, societal, economic and technological trends, and how to shift paradigms to address some of today’s most complex, interconnected issues.

Start-Up Know-How and Idea Validation

Start-ups challenge established companies by effectively embracing disruptive solutions through a learning mindset - central to adapting to shifting trends. In this track, we elaborate on how to learn fast and well using proven, robust, real life tested start-up methodology. We leverage the latest collection of tools - from canvas sets for analyses to no-code solutions to building prototypes.

The Spirit of Enterprise program is organized into three tracks: Personal and Team Development; Paradigm Shifts and Trends; and Start-Up Know-How and Idea Validation.

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